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About Us:

To be the best, to innovate, to raise the bar; these are just a few things that motivated Salvatore Costantini to open the doors of Renaissance Salon and Esthetique on March 3, 1998.

Sal had many years of experience in hairdressing and salon ownership. Through his years in the industry, his dedication and hard work were always evident. His thirst for knowledge, and need for creative expression led him into the world of hairdressing competitions in which he had repeatedly placed in the top three.

His same drive was expressed in his salon. As he developed as a stylist, he also matured as a salon owner, and his salons grew to be known for their customer service. This reputation, however, was never enough for Sal, and his vision for what a salon should be could not be restrained. Therefore, the creation of Renaissance was inevitable.

Renaissance Quickly became an iconic salon in the region and was awarded the coveted title of “Salon of the Year” by Modern Salon magazine, a national publication, in the year 2000.

Achieving this award would have many rest, feeling as if they had “made it”, but Renaissance did not. It grew and evolved to create many talented stylists, some of which have had their work published in magazines such as Hair Now; a European publication, showcasing hairstyles to the masses.

As Renaissance progressed, Sal’s son David was following in his father’s footsteps, and in its eighth year of operation became partner, soon to be followed by Sal’s cousin Dennis Costantini.

Both David and Dennis had the honor of being guided by Sal at the commencement and progression of their careers, and inherited the same motivation and dedication to hairdressing.

David quickly realized that his passion was embedded in colour. The combination of chemistry and art was one he could not resist, just as Dennis could not resist the power he felt in the shears. The ability to change a person’s features with the edge of a blade fascinated him from his very first cut.

It was at this point that the young men understood that they had to share their knowledge and passion with others to help raise the level of training in the area. Through educating others, they hoped to raise the bar and give all hairdressers opportunity to succeed, so eZone Academy was formed. It had quickly become the foundation of growth for Renaissance Salon and Esthetique, and an evolution in the level of education provided to aspiring stylists, so that those looking for exceptional education could be satisfied.

This development in the company lead to both David and Dennis to be recognized for their efforts and were honoured with the “Top Forty under Forty” award for business excellence, and with that have also been, along with their team of stylist, winners of national hair competitions.

This evolution and new energy that David and Dennis brought forth in the company inspired Sal’s drive once again and the three partners understood that Renaissance Salon and Esthetique needed a look that complimented the new direction, ideologies of the company, and subtle name change.

We are Renaissance Salon and Estetica, and with over a decade of dedicated service, we are stronger than ever. Our commitment to hairdressing, excellence in service, and continuous education has created a team of employees that we hold in highest esteem. From our office, to reception, to hair/esthetics, to our apprentices, our mission stays true.

We look forward to seeing you.

Renaissance Salon and Estetica…Re-Invent yourself.

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